to the adventure we call YOU WITHOUT LIMITS free “Workshops” and one on one guidance.

Most people want formulas and systems …cookie-cutter, a one-size-fits-all program, into which they can plug their personalities to achieve a positive but predictable outcome. These have value, but then you are limited to that particular formula or system unless something else takes place.

Many sellers of personal development programs use stories of famous high achievers, then they superimpose their particular formula, onto the experiences of these famous people. Then they promise that if you follow the same formula, you’ll achieve the same level of results.

Of course, most of us know what happens when we try those methods… We only get so far and it’s never as far as we want to go. Why not? Is it you, is it your personality, or the way you do things? Well, we could say “yes” to all of those.

Because…the fact is you are completely unique, with strengths and weaknesses, needs, wants and ambitions, which are combined in a way unlike anyone else’s.

A cut-and-dried formula might provide you with some pieces of useful information. But in the end, no one can fit your dynamic and individual life into a rigid, static formula and get truly extraordinary results; …and when we take a close look at the actual steps, circumstances, and actions that led to the great successes like those mentioned above, we find out that none of them has used a cut-and-dried formula to achieve their extraordinary results!

What they all have done, each in their own completely different way is, they have mastered their own process to access the power of their Greater Consciousness (by whatever other term or name).

YOU WITHOUT LIMITS small groups and personally guided 1 on 1 sessions aren’t a “formula” or “step-by-step system” to access your Greater Consciousness. They are simply two processes that are tremendously potent but somewhat difficult to describe, because the participants in either or both determine what happens. Which is why almost no one attempts to talk about or explain, even people who know about it and have used it themselves. The truth is, sometimes even they don’t fully understand what they’ve tapped into.

In fact, there IS a clear process you can follow that will gain you access to your Greater Consciousness and it is almost like a list of instructions for connecting to the Internet. It’s that straightforward and simple. And once the connection is established, extraordinary things will simply start occurring – moment to moment, every single day.

Imagine what will happen when YOU discover  your personal formula that is designed just for you, in a YOU WITHOUT LIMITS small group or 1 on 1 personally guided sessions?

However, everyone who discovers and embraces their own unique process shares a few general experiences in common. Most notably, they begin to see that by being a unique individual, uniquely connected to their own Greater Consciousness, they truly are unlimited and everything really is possible if only they believe it …and that they are on the path toward believing enough that it is true.

Opportunities you would have missed in the past are suddenly obvious to you. It’s as if all the veils in the world fall away and all the walls and shadows disappear. You will be on the path of transcending your current capabilities beyond all imagining. Since that sounds, “too good to be true,” is the reason YWL small group and 1-on-1 personally guided sessions remain FREE!

YOU WITHOUT LIMITS, the reason you came here and we are with you only to assist you in this journey of discovery – not to teach you anything. You’ve spent decades acquiring knowledge …it is time to emerge.

Just a note about our certified personal guides, if you feel you have been helped consider helping them stay focused on giving their services by supporting them with a donation –the more you give, the more time they can have to give to others.  Please note; if your personal guide has NOT been helpful, select another from the list who you feel will be more suited to your needs.

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Learning Gratitude

Quite recently I have been learning to be more grateful…or perhaps a better way of saying it is; “I’m Practicing Gratitude.”  Only to discover that at the beginning of my day, if I was presented with a disturbing thought or situation…BAAM…forget being grateful about anything. No matter how hard I tried, no matter what tools …