The Secret to Living in Creative Power

Your Unconscious Flow

Are you in the flow…?

“Neuroscientists estimate that you learn more information in the first eighteen months of your life, than you will for the remainder of your time here on the planet, no matter how long you live.”

If this quote is true, then no better argument can be made for finding a way to access your own unconscious flow, because what you learned in that first eighteen months, according to the same science, is recorded in the other-than-conscious part of your mind and is running as a program in the background and which greatly influences your life now, both positively and negatively, according to your own value system, which you have consciously adopted; and that is the challenge:

Carefully consider the following question: What is the difference between what you are today and what you were from the last several months in the womb, up to the age of eighteen months, as counted in the western part of the world?

What have you learned that you don’t remember?

When your own nervous system* was in development, minus five months from birth (more science) you absorbed everything as truth. You had not yet developed the layers of stuff of authoritative “no” and “don’t touch that” and other commands made to awaken the conscious part of the mind and further develop adult filters to bury the “child.” Keep in mind that many ancient texts insist that unless you enter as a little child you cannot access universal truth. Perhaps we can now begin to understand what the ancient text was getting at?

As one man asked me recently, “how do we pinpoint the truth we knew back then?”

“Who’s to say which part of it was true and which part was false; or if not false, at the very least culturally biased?” Was how I answered him, the point is the difference between how the conscious part of mind operates and how the other-than-conscious part operates and influences your every thought and move.

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Is this going on inside you without you knowing?

If you have said, think and believe, with the conscious part of your mind, that the value system you have adopted is how you have chosen to live and it doesn’t line up with all that stuff you learned in the first eighteen months of occupying a human body, you are in conflict.

Inner conflict leads to tension, stress and even to disease and premature death; even medical institutions such as John Hopkins, Harvard and Mayo clinic are in line with this thesis.

You can become enormously creative by accessing your own unconscious flow and beyond.

This is all part of the forthcoming LEARN VITAL HEALTH ONLINE, multi-media course; visit  sponsored by YOU WITHOUT LIMITS .


* We’ve been programmed to think of the brain as the mind, and it has greatly limited out ability to tap into the entirety of our mind which is made up of every cell in our bodies; and which we now know, each cell has its own individual thinking mechanism along with the heart and brain as cooperative electronic processing units, important pieces of the information that will enable you to get into the creative part of the mind and escape the self-imposed limits of the conscious part of the mind, by learning how integrate it with the other than conscious part and beyond.

Neutralize the doubletalk in your mind

What double talk? Don’t question me…I’m a scientist…!

          First, a little chemistry: A pH level measures how acid or alkaline something is. A pH of 0 is totally acidic, while a pH of 14 is completely alkaline. A pH of 7 is neutral. Those levels vary throughout your body. Your blood is slightly alkaline, with a pH between 7.35 and 7.45. Your stomach is very acidic, with a pH of 3.5 or below, so it can break down food. And your urine changes, depending on what you eat –that’s how your body self-regulates a steady pH level in your blood.

The above, minus the title, was swiped off a well-respected, medical website and it is doubletalk or “dt” and closely related to “bs” because it ignores several key factors.

It is partially true and as with all partial truth, when you use it as a foundation, it contains a lie, a potentially deadly lie, thus the foundation is faulty and the building will ultimately collapse.

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Who cares what science says…I want my coffee!

Then there is more “dt” both in a study about coffee that is in opposition to the findings about the direct health benefits from drinking coffee published by the respected Mayo Clinic which, in the watered down version on the Internet, has a telling last few words (more dt): “Further research may, of course, alter these findings.”

Another Study states: “Caffeine is often the primary focus when the negative health effects of coffee are discussed. But there are a number of significant chemical compounds present in coffee, other than caffeine, which also have strong effects on the body. Some of the more common active constituents include chlorogenic acid, caffeol and diterpenes.

“Many health conditions that are aggravated by coffee are still affected by decaffeinated coffee, despite the lowered level of caffeine, due to these other phytochemicals that remain in decaf coffee after the decaffeination process.

“Current studies suggest that, for people who are sensitive to coffee’s effects, decaffeinated brews may still exacerbate their health problems. Therefore, the healthiest option may be to eliminate both regular and decaffeinated coffee from the diet.”

The “dt” that is obvious in the latter Study is the term “health problems” …which health problems? Because the Mayo Clinic Study talks about coffee reducing the risk of Parkinson’s disease, type II Diabetes, liver cancer and some other scary stuff.

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Is your table so unbalanced you only have chairs?

The only way to eliminate all the “dt” and “bs” from your mind is to take control over the health of your own body, by being sensitive to the fact that you are unique and what may be good for me is not good for you and vice versa.

Plus the fact that nutrition is only one of four legs that maintains the level of the table upon which your Vital Health rests; and research, no matter how scientific, is biased towards and affected by conditions both general and specific that HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU.

Further, the results of any and all kinds of tests, whether administered by experts in any given field or self-administered, are subject to literally thousands of different variables that render them practically meaningless.

Your body is an individual chemistry laboratory; it is affected by YOUR emotions, YOUR beliefs and by what you drink and eat and the environment over which, in many cases, you have no control other than how you react to it, EMOTIONALLY, MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY and SPIRITUALLY.

Learning Gratitude

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Start here…

Quite recently I have been learning to be more grateful…or perhaps a better way of saying it is; “I’m Practicing Gratitude.”  Only to discover that at the beginning of my day, if I was presented with a disturbing thought or situation…BAAM…forget being grateful about anything. No matter how hard I tried, no matter what tools and tricks I used, holding onto an attitude of gratitude was impossible!

We all know the beneficial aspect of maintaining a positive mental attitude, based on the popular book by Napoleon Hill; “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.” Here are a few of the phrases popularised from the book:

  • “You become what you think about”
  • “There is very little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference.
  • “Whatever your mind can conceive and can believe, it can achieve”

These phrases sound great but how easy is it to maintain them throughout your day or even to start the day with this kind of attitude. In my experience…it’s very hard…unless.

Yes it is possible, even highly probable, that you can…with a little help.  Let’s start with why…but don’t confuse the why questions, with the victims lamentation, “why oh why, does this always happen to me.”  No…I mean the “why is this a worthwhile effort”.

  1. If the above phrases by Napoleon Hill are remotely true, your life will be a more pleasant experience by adopting them as behaviors.
  2. Negative thought patterns over an extended period have been show to have detrimental affects on your short and long term health.
  3. Gratitude is the precursor to everything…it’s the first step towards life changing beliefs and habits.  Whatever you desire, whether it’s money, health, or success, you know it can’t come from an attitude of despair, discouragement or self denigration, (the 3 D’s).
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I’m grateful for blue.

Now back to the “little help” i mentioned above. You probably already know that having a gratitude list is step one.  If you don’t, take a few minutes and write down at least three things your grateful for. They can be as simple as, I’m grateful for my friends, my dog, the food in my fridge (assuming you have  these things). It’s important that you write them down, perhaps keep the paper in your wallet or posted on your bathroom mirror.  No this is not the little bit of help I mentioned, I promise it’s coming.

The little help comes from your imagination and may  require some practice.  Allow yourself to close your eyes and imagine a time in your life that made you laugh, make a short movie about it…watch the movie until you smile and maybe even chuckle a bit.  Now pick another time that made you feel happy and loved…play it until that warm glow wraps around you like a comfortable blanket. Now one more…a memory about when you were amazed at how the universe worked so magically…let your eyes open, feel the crinkle of your forehead and your jaw start to drop…  How do you feel when you watch your new “home movie”, I’ll bet you feel…FANTASTIC!

Now go back to your list read them over while your still lingering with the feeling that was created by imagining your new home movies.  You see, the trick is that gratitude is a feeling, not a thought. You have to have the feeling or it’s just another pleasant idea that doesn’t change your life one bit. Because you added the feeling by playing your new home movie…it feels like the first time you have ever been grateful and fully aware of what that means.

One more thing…you have to practice this to make it easy. Practice does not mean make a religious exercise out of…practice means when you notice that your not feeling good, perhaps a little down, or you just got some news that doesn’t feel good…BAAM...that’s when you practice it. Because if it was too easy you wouldn’t bother.

Here’s to you being without limits.


What Happens When we THINK…?

Clear the way with your imagination.

Limits are imposed

It is with the conscious part of the mind that we look at something in the physical realm, and declare it impossible.

It is when we allow our imagination to know that, somehow, it could actually BE possible – things get done.

Once we’re given the vision for how it could be done and we harness the conscious part of the mind to the imagination which is rooted in the other than conscious parts of the mind within and beyond that we bring a project into being.

When we allow thinking to retake control, we think and say the system that the conscious part of the mind designed is the best and refuse to look at other possibilities that we have returned to imposing limits by THINKING.

It isn’t that thinking is a “bad” thing, it is a marvelous tool, but the conscious part of the mind is a control freak and its tendency to control imposes limits.

YOU WITHOUT LIMITS, imagining your way beyond all obstacles.

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How high can you fly with your imagination?

Imagine the way it can be and it will be. Now that that’s settled use the conscious part of the mind to declare that nothing will get in the way and mean it, commit to it – that is called intention and it is rooted in the conscious part of the mind – perhaps that’s the real meaning behind, “united we stand, divided we fall” and the scriptural metaphor: “The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

If you can imagine a sequence of words that will produce a miracle within you…repeat them often without thinking and imagine all obstacles have been removed; it is then that the eternal NOW takes hold. Need help? We’re here.

I have a mantra that works for me, but what else is possible for YOU – imagine receiving whatever will work for you and it will come to you automatically. Perhaps a whole different way of looking at it can be found inside…start looking.

A Portal to Ultimate Truth

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” (Already)  – Carl Jung  

Look to find yourself, inside.

                In other words, with our emphasis added to Carl Jung’s quote above, it’s not a matter of “becoming” at all. The mental health profession is all about fixing you so you can become.

YOU WITHOUT LIMITS is about introducing you to who you truly are ALREADY. Imagine sitting across a conference table from a mirror image of you, the only difference is how you appear to you, happy and confident because you not only love who you are, but who is smiling back at you because you are intimately connected with the Creator of all and thus a co-creator.

Imagine it is like going to a restaurant called We Love You and with every item the table server brings you, he or she says, “we love you.”  

You realize you don’t have to learn anything or understand anything, because everything you need is sitting across the table from you and all that is required is to become integrated, again, as you were in the beginning.

You are simply going to go back to the time when you felt separated from who you truly are and feel together once again with the real limitless you; pretty simple, correct?

If you need a little bit of help, there’s a certified YWL personal guide to help you as a friend. There’s nothing to learn, nothing to understand, so your new friend is not there to teach you anything, just to walk with you and encourage you to get used to YOU that you’ve always been, but forgotten.

Imagine this is just a tiny pill to swallow, because that’s all there is to it and all that is required is that you want it badly enough to take the tiny pill.

Just imagine that, creating for eternity!

In This Particular Game

          Winning may actually be losing and vice versa with regard to any one particular game. We can get into the particulars, but understanding the reason that managers are paid so well in professional baseball (just as one example) is for their ability to keep their focus on several factors rather than winning any one particular game.

In fact, focusing on winning one single game may well be the cause of losing something far more valuable, is the key to understanding the truth that winning may actually be losing and this requires effective management.

Therefore, applying the supposed principle of “winning is everything” to any one particular game can often be a losing or “short sighted” philosophy.

If we can approach life as a season or series of games and stay focused on the entire season, rather than getting caught up in winning each moment, we can begin to understand the meaning and value of a purpose-driven life.

I guess he didn’t write history.

We’ll also begin to understand the reason for quotes like, “winning the battle and losing the war” and “winning an argument, only to lose a friend.”

Segue into an important question: “What part of the mind is best suited to “manage” our individual lives?

Is it possible that with the right manager a professional baseball team can prove to be a winning combination even without any star players? This is a limiting question which can be turned into thinking in an unlimited way.

An effective manager is the key to recruiting and keeping star players and helping them fit into their individual roles as part of a team that wins not just one game or even one season, but season after season doing it seemingly automatically because the team is effectively managed.

Some things are better when they are automatic.

Focusing back on which part of the mind is best suited to manage life, so that prosperity and good health is achieved automatically?

If any of the foregoing tends to prove that a winning team is one that wins season after season and is dependent upon an effective manager, then looking at life as a team sport and the mind as a team within a league of teams needing an effective manager may well be the key to winning consistently season after season while losing some particular games appropriately.

YOU WITHOUT LIMITS approaches the mind as a team. We call it a Fully Integrated Mind, a team with an effective manager on the field (the individual mind) closely connected with a team owner (Universal MIND),which provides all the tools necessary, including cooperating with all the other teams in a league of teams and which (other teams) must also be successful so that the entire league prospers.

A drawn out analogy, to be sure, but an approach that helps us focus on winning season after season.

We haven’t, in this article, answered the question which part of a Fully Integrated Mind is best suited to manage the team on the playing field? We answer this fully in the YWL handbook for facilitators of small groups. Get your free copy today!


It Isn’t “You” that is Stupid

Maybe glasses will help you read faster?

If you want a simple way to understand how the conscious part of the mind interferes with and impedes progress toward breaking through into more effective and faster ways to process data and information, think “speed” reading.

The average reader in the U.S. reads at a speed of 200 words per minute, so explains Spreeder a free online speed reading program which provides software that can help anyone to relatively easily and rapidly increase their reading speed by three times and more, depending only upon individual ambition to do so.

This isn’t about speed reading, but it is helpful to understand the expressions of anger at the U.S. education system by many an adult who, after having gone through a speed reading program, realizes the culprit was the schooling they had undergone as a child, hampered by many different facets of the system which had kept them trapped in low reading speed as well as minimal comprehension and retention rates.

“Why didn’t they teach me this in school?!!!” is the common exclamation; and “they,” with few exceptions, still don’t effectively teach kids to read, fast or otherwise, only one of many reasons the system needs a complete overhaul.

Of course being smarter is not always the solution.

That’s two things this article is NOT about, speed reading and education. The fact is that many of us have been trapped in what we felt was our own stupidity, when the difficulty has been not understanding the severe limits of being dependent upon the conscious part of the mind.

You can stop reading right now, and go get your free dose of Spreeder and begin to think of yourself as pretty dang smart because, on the physical level, you will be amazed at how all sorts of improvement in your life can be attained merely by being able to read faster. If you lack self-confidence, this alone can be a huge boost in that department. Parents take note.

This article, however, is about something far more exciting – enlightenment on the spiritual level about which there is zero understanding with the conscious part of the mind.

Does blame ever solve anything?

When you are thinking, with the conscious part of the mind, that education is the culprit, including religious education, you are doing something that keeps you trapped as a victim. That something is called blaming, a dangerous game; GET OVER IT! There is a way out, take it. People who live their lives blaming others wind up wasting energy and time and miss out on the joys available by living this life to the fullest (the U.S. system of “justice” is a perfect example of the trap of the “blame game”); oops here we go again being sidetracked. Let’s get over it!

A FREE REPORT is available which can be an excellent aid for anyone to quickly gain an understanding of the different facets of the individual mind and how to access them for practical use on this plane AND how to get beyond the individual mind and tap into the great expanse of what is commonly called the “spiritual realm.”, the report and everything else is FREE. Just Click on the contact tab, enter your name and best e-mail (we promise not to share it) in the comments, box type or copy and paste FREE REPORT it will come as a virus-free attachment to an e-mail, no cost or obligation, our service to fellow seekers of truth.


If this ten minute You Tube presentation doesn’t wake you up, then there is no reason to take the challenge. Please read no further unless and until you invest the time.

STOP! Have you watched the video? I beg of you to read no further until you do so.

Assuming you were “obedient” to my begging (grin) you are now ready to absorb a perspective that works for many people – and it’s based (loosely) on what some neurobiologists insist is the truth:

Where are your limits?
Where are your limits?

There is a part of the mind that vibrates at the same vibratory frequency as the POWER that controls the entire universe.

After watching the referenced video, you may be thinking I’m referring to the “subconscious” part of the mind – I AM NOT! At YOU WITHOUT LIMITS we’ve categorized the mind into four parts:

(1) The conscious part which is the ego driven, “aware,” thinking part which considers itself to be the most important and needing to be in control.

(2) The subconscious part in which memories of millions of experiences, both imagined and actual are stored.

(3) The superconscious which is the part that the referenced scientists say vibrates at the same frequency as the universal MIND or POWER (by whatever other title or name) and which they cannot explain how this strange connection occurs.

(4) The unconscious which causes us to do things the conscious part would prefer to NOT do.

Don't stay where you are, come to You Without Limits.
Don’t stay where you are, come to You Without Limits.

YOU WITHOUT LIMITS is a small group approach to helping each individual participant have and operate with an Integrated Mind, with the superconscious in control and the conscious part operating in “loving” cooperation, carrying out the “instructions” derived from the superconscious and beyond, if you happen to believe in the universal, unlimited MIND concept. If you prefer believing that it’s all “in the mind” (lowercase) then simply operating in the power of the two, which is, the conscious and superconscious conjoined with the small group and thus is formed a collective conscious that is almost unlimited.

Once this integration is firmly in place the subconscious and unconscious parts can basically be ignored, because they will be operating automatically for each individual’s “better good” based on her/his own beliefs and value system.

Get the report NOW.
Get the report NOW.

You may want to write for the FREE REPORT, “HEART.”

This will provide an introduction of how your heart fits into what these same neurobiologists believe is the whole mind – the entire nervous system consisting of the trillions of cells in every area of the body which, again, vibrate at the same frequency as the unlimited, universal MIND, which they cannot explain.

Please click on the contact tab, enter your name and best e-mail address; in the comments box type in HEART & HANDBOOK to receive both the free report and a copy of the YWL handbook for facilitators of small groups (we are all facilitators and co-learners) and the small group can be all in your own mind. Both “HEART and the handbook are our gifts to YOU, FREE.

YOU WITHOUT LIMITS free “Workshops”

Helping people reach their highest potential, by learning to practice a simple technique to harness the conscious part of the mind to the creative imagination both within and beyond.

Smash through Limits
Smash through Limits

We tend to revere human genius such as that demonstrated by Albert Einstein, yet, with practice; we can learn to use the very same faculty Uncle Al used to arrive at his General Theory of Relativity; which led us into the Nuclear Age.

Coming up with scientific theorems, like our favorite Uncle Al, isn’t the issue, but thinking far beyond a person’s current limitations leads to superior achievement and a firm belief that many things a person thinks as impossible for her or him to achieve are actually possible.

It is with the conscious part of the mind of these bodies we occupy that we believe something is impossible – by practicing an exercise that helps develop the imagination we are able to break through into believing that all sorts of desired outcomes can actually come true and take on the ability to make them come true.

Setting goals that we unconsciously believe are impossible to reach is the reason we cannot and do not keep all sorts of changes we say we want to make in our lives, but fail to achieve.

By learning to get the conscious part of the mind to stop interfering with the possibility-generating-imagination is not only achievable, but an exciting, dynamic way to live.

Visit our Contact page and attend a FREE online “Workshop” (so-called because we all have areas in our lives that need a “little work.”)

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”  –Albert Einstein

The Best Method is…No Method

Recent scientific research has proved some important things about the minds of these body bags we occupy.

You can buy Integration of the Mind from our CreateSpace Store.
You can buy Integration of the Mind from our CreateSpace Store.
  1. All of us have far more intellectual capacity than what we “naturally” tap into.
  2. The other-than-conscious parts of our minds are infinitely (literally multiplied millions of times) more powerful than the conscious part of the mind.
  3. The mind is comprised of not just the brain, but the entire nervous system, which includes each of the billions of cells throughout the body, each having a neurotransmitter that communicates with the rest of the system.
  4. There is a universal mind that supersedes ALL parts of the mind.

What scientific research has not yet proved is how best to integrate all parts of the mind so that it functions at maximum capacity at the apparent rate it is designed. There are a variety of systems, which have a demonstrated ability to greatly enhance intellectual capacity: Among those are the highly advertised Silva Mind Control and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and various systems of hypnosis and meditation.

Of course, there is the Brad Cullen method introduced in the book Integration of the Mind and YOU WITHOUT LIMITS free “Workshops” …both of which are designed to integrate the minds of these human bodies with Universal Consciousness, by whatever other title or name, and take the individual beyond the limits of ANY other system into INFINITE possibilities.

Watch this video by Burt Goldman’s team about “Invisible Councilors Technique”. You will get the details on how Brad created his dynamic team of advisers. Keep in mind this is not intended as an endorsement for Burt Goldman’s system, neither Brad or Ryan has tried Burt’s methods but we sure like his video.