The Best Method is…No Method

Recent scientific research has proved some important things about the minds of these body bags we occupy.

You can buy Integration of the Mind from our CreateSpace Store.
You can buy Integration of the Mind from our CreateSpace Store.
  1. All of us have far more intellectual capacity than what we “naturally” tap into.
  2. The other-than-conscious parts of our minds are infinitely (literally multiplied millions of times) more powerful than the conscious part of the mind.
  3. The mind is comprised of not just the brain, but the entire nervous system, which includes each of the billions of cells throughout the body, each having a neurotransmitter that communicates with the rest of the system.
  4. There is a universal mind that supersedes ALL parts of the mind.

What scientific research has not yet proved is how best to integrate all parts of the mind so that it functions at maximum capacity at the apparent rate it is designed. There are a variety of systems, which have a demonstrated ability to greatly enhance intellectual capacity: Among those are the highly advertised Silva Mind Control and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and various systems of hypnosis and meditation.

Of course, there is the Brad Cullen method introduced in the book Integration of the Mind and YOU WITHOUT LIMITS free “Workshops” …both of which are designed to integrate the minds of these human bodies with Universal Consciousness, by whatever other title or name, and take the individual beyond the limits of ANY other system into INFINITE possibilities.

Watch this video by Burt Goldman’s team about “Invisible Councilors Technique”. You will get the details on how Brad created his dynamic team of advisers. Keep in mind this is not intended as an endorsement for Burt Goldman’s system, neither Brad or Ryan has tried Burt’s methods but we sure like his video.