It Isn’t “You” that is Stupid

Maybe glasses will help you read faster?

If you want a simple way to understand how the conscious part of the mind interferes with and impedes progress toward breaking through into more effective and faster ways to process data and information, think “speed” reading.

The average reader in the U.S. reads at a speed of 200 words per minute, so explains Spreeder a free online speed reading program which provides software that can help anyone to relatively easily and rapidly increase their reading speed by three times and more, depending only upon individual ambition to do so.

This isn’t about speed reading, but it is helpful to understand the expressions of anger at the U.S. education system by many an adult who, after having gone through a speed reading program, realizes the culprit was the schooling they had undergone as a child, hampered by many different facets of the system which had kept them trapped in low reading speed as well as minimal comprehension and retention rates.

“Why didn’t they teach me this in school?!!!” is the common exclamation; and “they,” with few exceptions, still don’t effectively teach kids to read, fast or otherwise, only one of many reasons the system needs a complete overhaul.

Of course being smarter is not always the solution.

That’s two things this article is NOT about, speed reading and education. The fact is that many of us have been trapped in what we felt was our own stupidity, when the difficulty has been not understanding the severe limits of being dependent upon the conscious part of the mind.

You can stop reading right now, and go get your free dose of Spreeder and begin to think of yourself as pretty dang smart because, on the physical level, you will be amazed at how all sorts of improvement in your life can be attained merely by being able to read faster. If you lack self-confidence, this alone can be a huge boost in that department. Parents take note.

This article, however, is about something far more exciting – enlightenment on the spiritual level about which there is zero understanding with the conscious part of the mind.

Does blame ever solve anything?

When you are thinking, with the conscious part of the mind, that education is the culprit, including religious education, you are doing something that keeps you trapped as a victim. That something is called blaming, a dangerous game; GET OVER IT! There is a way out, take it. People who live their lives blaming others wind up wasting energy and time and miss out on the joys available by living this life to the fullest (the U.S. system of “justice” is a perfect example of the trap of the “blame game”); oops here we go again being sidetracked. Let’s get over it!

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