If this ten minute You Tube presentation doesn’t wake you up, then there is no reason to take the challenge. Please read no further unless and until you invest the time.

STOP! Have you watched the video? I beg of you to read no further until you do so.

Assuming you were “obedient” to my begging (grin) you are now ready to absorb a perspective that works for many people – and it’s based (loosely) on what some neurobiologists insist is the truth:

Where are your limits?
Where are your limits?

There is a part of the mind that vibrates at the same vibratory frequency as the POWER that controls the entire universe.

After watching the referenced video, you may be thinking I’m referring to the “subconscious” part of the mind – I AM NOT! At YOU WITHOUT LIMITS we’ve categorized the mind into four parts:

(1) The conscious part which is the ego driven, “aware,” thinking part which considers itself to be the most important and needing to be in control.

(2) The subconscious part in which memories of millions of experiences, both imagined and actual are stored.

(3) The superconscious which is the part that the referenced scientists say vibrates at the same frequency as the universal MIND or POWER (by whatever other title or name) and which they cannot explain how this strange connection occurs.

(4) The unconscious which causes us to do things the conscious part would prefer to NOT do.

Don't stay where you are, come to You Without Limits.
Don’t stay where you are, come to You Without Limits.

YOU WITHOUT LIMITS is a small group approach to helping each individual participant have and operate with an Integrated Mind, with the superconscious in control and the conscious part operating in “loving” cooperation, carrying out the “instructions” derived from the superconscious and beyond, if you happen to believe in the universal, unlimited MIND concept. If you prefer believing that it’s all “in the mind” (lowercase) then simply operating in the power of the two, which is, the conscious and superconscious conjoined with the small group and thus is formed a collective conscious that is almost unlimited.

Once this integration is firmly in place the subconscious and unconscious parts can basically be ignored, because they will be operating automatically for each individual’s “better good” based on her/his own beliefs and value system.

Get the report NOW.
Get the report NOW.

You may want to write for the FREE REPORT, “HEART.”

This will provide an introduction of how your heart fits into what these same neurobiologists believe is the whole mind – the entire nervous system consisting of the trillions of cells in every area of the body which, again, vibrate at the same frequency as the unlimited, universal MIND, which they cannot explain.

Please click on the contact tab, enter your name and best e-mail address; in the comments box type in HEART & HANDBOOK to receive both the free report and a copy of the YWL handbook for facilitators of small groups (we are all facilitators and co-learners) and the small group can be all in your own mind. Both “HEART and the handbook are our gifts to YOU, FREE.

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