In This Particular Game

          Winning may actually be losing and vice versa with regard to any one particular game. We can get into the particulars, but understanding the reason that managers are paid so well in professional baseball (just as one example) is for their ability to keep their focus on several factors rather than winning any one particular game.

In fact, focusing on winning one single game may well be the cause of losing something far more valuable, is the key to understanding the truth that winning may actually be losing and this requires effective management.

Therefore, applying the supposed principle of “winning is everything” to any one particular game can often be a losing or “short sighted” philosophy.

If we can approach life as a season or series of games and stay focused on the entire season, rather than getting caught up in winning each moment, we can begin to understand the meaning and value of a purpose-driven life.

I guess he didn’t write history.

We’ll also begin to understand the reason for quotes like, “winning the battle and losing the war” and “winning an argument, only to lose a friend.”

Segue into an important question: “What part of the mind is best suited to “manage” our individual lives?

Is it possible that with the right manager a professional baseball team can prove to be a winning combination even without any star players? This is a limiting question which can be turned into thinking in an unlimited way.

An effective manager is the key to recruiting and keeping star players and helping them fit into their individual roles as part of a team that wins not just one game or even one season, but season after season doing it seemingly automatically because the team is effectively managed.

Some things are better when they are automatic.

Focusing back on which part of the mind is best suited to manage life, so that prosperity and good health is achieved automatically?

If any of the foregoing tends to prove that a winning team is one that wins season after season and is dependent upon an effective manager, then looking at life as a team sport and the mind as a team within a league of teams needing an effective manager may well be the key to winning consistently season after season while losing some particular games appropriately.

YOU WITHOUT LIMITS approaches the mind as a team. We call it a Fully Integrated Mind, a team with an effective manager on the field (the individual mind) closely connected with a team owner (Universal MIND),which provides all the tools necessary, including cooperating with all the other teams in a league of teams and which (other teams) must also be successful so that the entire league prospers.

A drawn out analogy, to be sure, but an approach that helps us focus on winning season after season.

We haven’t, in this article, answered the question which part of a Fully Integrated Mind is best suited to manage the team on the playing field? We answer this fully in the YWL handbook for facilitators of small groups. Get your free copy today!


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