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“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” (Already)  – Carl Jung  

Look to find yourself, inside.

                In other words, with our emphasis added to Carl Jung’s quote above, it’s not a matter of “becoming” at all. The mental health profession is all about fixing you so you can become.

YOU WITHOUT LIMITS is about introducing you to who you truly are ALREADY. Imagine sitting across a conference table from a mirror image of you, the only difference is how you appear to you, happy and confident because you not only love who you are, but who is smiling back at you because you are intimately connected with the Creator of all and thus a co-creator.

Imagine it is like going to a restaurant called We Love You and with every item the table server brings you, he or she says, “we love you.”  

You realize you don’t have to learn anything or understand anything, because everything you need is sitting across the table from you and all that is required is to become integrated, again, as you were in the beginning.

You are simply going to go back to the time when you felt separated from who you truly are and feel together once again with the real limitless you; pretty simple, correct?

If you need a little bit of help, there’s a certified YWL personal guide to help you as a friend. There’s nothing to learn, nothing to understand, so your new friend is not there to teach you anything, just to walk with you and encourage you to get used to YOU that you’ve always been, but forgotten.

Imagine this is just a tiny pill to swallow, because that’s all there is to it and all that is required is that you want it badly enough to take the tiny pill.

Just imagine that, creating for eternity!

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