Take the leap!

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to the adventure we call YOU WITHOUT LIMITS free “Workshops.”


We call them workshops all of us have things to work out in our lives; it’s the nature of occupying one of these human body-bags.


The process is simple. We sit in a circle – a facilitator will begin by asking: “Why are we here?”


We’ll get to know one another as individuals become comfortable realizing what they’d most like to have change in their own lives, and begin to have a clear picture of what that will mean to them and share it with the group.


There is no pressure to speak, it just happens if and when you want to share what is “going on” inside you. The common goal is that each individual, including the facilitator, helps create the dynamic process in which the ONE who identified Itself as I AM begins to perform seeming (inexplicable) “miracles” through the group.


There is no student-teacher relationship; we come as equals, soon prepared to become co-creators of the magic that begins the wonder of shedding all limitations and taking on the role of individual, hollow conduits, through which I AM performs the miracle of transformation into YOU WITHOUT LIMITS.