1 on 1

Conscious mind thinking can be a trap.

Another Way to put it…Thank God, I’m not very smart  

Because if I were smart I never would have understood, with the part of the mind by which intelligence is measured; IQ, which is short for Intelligence Quotient, the so-called conscious part of the mind, what I’m about to share with you.

I’ve done some pretty stupid things during my time of living in this human vehicle….

The brilliant things I’ve accomplished along the way are few and far between, but the thing is that anybody can do the very same brilliant things and avoid the stupid things by understanding that the intelligence I have can frequently get in the way of the brilliance possible.

Just imagine that YOU can accomplish all sorts of brilliant things because you are being led by the greater part of your mind. That’s what we are talking about on this 1-on-1 page.

There are some relatively simple ways to switch from using the conscious part of the mind to the brilliance of what we call the subconscious and even the super-conscious part which is connected to the collective intelligence of all life which is also measurable and beyond to that infinite intelligence which nobody as yet has come up with a way of measuring. Albert Einstein referred to it as the “ether.”

If you feel like your alone in the desert…just ask for a guide.

One on one is a process we encourage with a certified YWL personal guide whose  purpose is to introduce you to your own personal guide within you and help you learn to accomplish brilliant things too.

This guide within, who has been there from the beginning, but has just been crowded out of your awareness by the conscious part of the mind, can be thought of as your closest friend, teacher, counselor and guide.

If you haven’t yet met and/or learned how to access her/him/it and would like a  external human guidance look at the list on the Guides bio page and select a YWL Personal Guide who will provide some temporary help. You can think of them simply as your brother, sister or friend.

You can start with “The Mirror” Technique…

Or learn how the Mirror Technique has been used successfully before…