The Mirror Technique Explained

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Your inner teacher is always ready.

Within your mind is a part that you can listen to as a teacher. For some people creating a mirror image of their own physical appearance and having this image sit across from them at a small conference table is helpful in accessing this other part of the mind and asking her or him for help to deal with specific issues in their lives.

For others this is too difficult for a variety of reasons; it is important for you, right now, to resolve to use what works best for YOU (period).

One important thing to remember for the mirror technique to work for you is to realize that the word “intuition” comes from a word in the original language that means inner teaching or some translate it as “the teacher or guide within.”

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Inside of you or outside, there is still a way to access.

If you have a belief (conscious or unconscious) that nothing worthwhile can come from within any part of you that’s okay, you can still use a variable of the technique by imagining (pretending with a picture) that someone or something else is guiding you from the outside of you.

Some might insist that the foregoing is dualism. It doesn’t matter what somebody else calls it because if it works better for you then that’s where you must insist upon starting. This is about YOU and integrity demands that you be true to yourself (period).

This is a good place to provide a bit of history of how the technique came into being with a group of thirteen, all of whom believed that Jesus was unique and superior to them. They were sitting in a circle on folding chairs and agreed that they wouldn’t talk to one another, but that anything that one of them wanted to say would be addressed to Jesus whom they agreed was standing on the floor at the center of their circle.

Twelve of the individuals were six severely challenged patients of a psychiatrist and their spouses; I was the thirteenth – the psychiatric doctor had referred them to me, telling me that in addition to each of the patients being barely functional, each of the marriages was held together by a thread.

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This dog may not be able to get help but you can!

These weren’t merely marriage counseling clients, these were six patients who had become dysfunctional in their lives and been referred to a psychiatrist and two of whom had been diagnosed as psychotic and had both been legally committed to a large state hospital as a danger to themselves and/or others.

I became as severely challenged and as dysfunctional as the patients and their marriages when all my arrogant plans for working with them fell apart – and since I didn’t know what else to do I silently, but desperately began asking for HELP!

The idea immediately came to me to tell them they could no longer talk to me or to one another, but only to Jesus whom, I’d been informed by the psychiatrist that they all had an intellectual belief that Jesus was alive and available to them, even though they weren’t practiced at going to him as a living being.

Within six weeks, meeting once a week, the doctor took all the patients off the medications he had prescribed earlier for their emotional/mental conditions; each of their relationships with their spouses had become noticeably strengthened and he (the psychiatrist) told them they didn’t need therapy any longer.

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It’s not about Jesus, it’s about what binds you.

The technique was born. Remember the technique is NOT about Jesus; Jesus means too many different things to too many different people – some people can simply get into a meditative state and pose a question to themselves and they get and trust the answers they receive. The technique is also NOT about any other symbolic, historic individual, but who/which can be used depending upon the religious or spiritual inclinations of each individual who needs help.

The mirror part was inaugurated for individuals who operated at the high end of functionality, but had a few areas in which they lacked any skill and because of a temporary focus on what they lacked rather than the greater skills they actually possessed had become filled with self-doubt.

The technique was further developed when I silently asked what would help a highly intelligent professional engineer who had been referred to me and who had no religious background or beliefs and who was in the middle of a serious spate of feelings of inadequacy over his lack of interpersonal skills. The idea came to me to ask him if he still felt confident within his training and experience as a mechanical engineer.

I had him imagine he was looking in a mirror and I suggested that he put a smile on that image and see it as extremely confident and even excited about how intelligent that part of him was.

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Can you change what you see in the mirror?

It took several minutes, but once he had the picture I had him imagine that other part of him was sitting across a table from him and had all the answers that he needed. Once he had the picture firmly in place, I merely told him to get into a habit of going to that other part of his mind contained in his mirror image and ask him/it what he should do to improve his social skills.

He immediately got it and started laughing at the simplicity of what he had thought was a complex problem. He had been referred to me by the same psychiatrist who told him maybe I could help him.

I was clueless, especially after asking him about his spiritual background and inclinations, so I resorted to asking and got the answer.

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Are you ready to change what you see?

I told him he didn’t need me or anyone else – he agreed, asked me how much he owed me; I laughed and told him to go home and ask his newly found friend and alter-ego, and whatever answer he was given he could send me a check as a gift. Then what came out of my mouth shocked me, but was the truth.

“You’ve helped me as much as I helped you, if not even more, we’re in this together as brothers, so don’t feel you owe me anything.”

A few days later I received a check for $250 with the word GIFT neatly printed on the lower left-hand side.

There you have it, the MIRROR TECHNIQUE. If you feel you need a helping hand from somebody trained in the technique, all of our YOU WITHOUT LIMITS Personal Guides have been trained in it as part of their certification process; some of them have a depth of experience that far exceeds that of being a YWL Personal Guide, you can go to the Personal Guide Bio section and make contact. Click here to go to the bio page.