Guide Bio’s

You have individual potential that is far greater than you have yet uncovered. You know this is true or you wouldn’t be on this page. As a small child you knew your potential and destiny, but all sorts of experiences have covered over and distorted the memory of your destiny and purpose.

Because this is true, you are looking for that something that will help you arrive at the person that is uniquely you. The fact is that the only person who is truly qualified to uncover that unique destiny is already within YOU.

With the help of a “Guide”, you can discover the potential inside. Imagine walking through a dark room and someone comes along side you with a flashlight, together you can discover all that the room has to offer. So the adventure begins when you select a Guide from the bio’s below.

Take your time, look at the photo, read the story behind the photo, and reach out. It’s your time to be You Without Limits…

Doug Ferguson

A Co-Founder, of YOU WITHOUT LIMITS, brings a partnership approach to being a YWL Personal Guide.

“I believe the ideal partner already resides within all of US, but who, sometimes, has been buried under a deep layer of both conscious and unconscious beliefs telling US we are not good enough; and before we can become anyone else’s partner, effectively, we have to find our own ideal partner within and with whom we ideally become integrated as ONE again.
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Mark Kennedy – 

The other co-founder of You Without Limits, brings a more structured approach as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, on the Life Coach Track.

“We all use 90 to 95% of our brain in automatic mode, some call it subconscious. Most of our day is spent doing similar things to what we did yesterday, and most probably will do tomorrow. So for many of us life “is what it is.” But it doesn’t have to be…!
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Elridge Glasford –

           A talented and experienced personal and business counselor of people on every rung of the socio economic ladder; his twenty plus years background in helping people navigate through the tricky world of setting up international business companies in many jurisdictions. He has provided guidance for…Read more.


Aurora Grace

Aurorah is all about unconditional LOVE with a capital L. She equates God with LOVE; she lives, breathes and vibrates LOVE and expresses it “as being all there is” and does it in and through her work as a remote healer and Personal Guide.

In addition to her certification as a YWL Personal Guide, Aurorah is a certified Reiki Master Practitioner.  Read more…


Jim Kraus, M.D. (retired) –

I went from a pre-med education directly into teaching at a high school in a major city public school. I became discouraged because I saw the system itself as inadequate and felt that if I was to help anyone else I needed to understand myself better.

I decided to go back to medical school with the goal of getting my M.D. degree and then going on to eventually becoming a psychiatrist.  Read more…