About us

The thing is …this is NOT about us, it’s all about:


But because you asked…YOU WITHOUT LIMITS …is a non profit, non registered entity, who’s sole purpose is to assist you in arriving at Your destination. Whatever and wherever that is.

You without Limits “Guides” are trained or certified in a manner that best suites each individual Guide. Because you are different than anyone else we don’t choose your Guide…you do.

Our Guides don’t charge for their time, expertise or results but they do accept donations or gifts.  Your donation or gift allows them the time to help others just like you. Imagine how you could help others…

Consider helping your Guide, help others by donating.   One philosophy used is, donate according to your hourly rate of income for each hour spent with your guide. Another is by assessing the value of the change you achieved and donate that.

If your Guide didn’t help you, choose another, we are all on the same journey and all use different paths to arrive.


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