About us

The thing is …this is NOT about us, it’s all about:

You Without Limits is About YOU.

You Without Limits is About YOU.


YOU WITHOUT LIMITS …just the way you intended before you became trapped in the body-bag you occupy, which isn’t you, not the real you. You have forgotten who the real you is – your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to re-claim and re-discover the real YOU and re-unite with your original partner, the CREATOR OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE and everything that is in it.


That’s who you were before you decided to be a part of this 3rd dimension experience and were duped into believing this is all there is and you were trained to believe that you must conform to its limitations until the body you occupy experienced physical death and you could enter heaven, by whatever other term or name.


Upon arrival here you were stripped of everything you knew and all your abilities as a co-creator. Our mission is NOT to remold you in our image, but rather to awaken you to the purpose you had in coming here, but again, which you have forgotten.


We’ve been sent to introduce you to a simple, small group process that will help you peel off the layers of conformity that have made you believe that this body you occupy IS you, when it is NOT you.


The I AM of which you were once an integral part is calling you to take your rightful place of stewardship of this planet so that you will soon be saying truthfully and in the power and presence of I AM:


Before there was this body I occupy,


…because it won’t be “you” saying it, but I AM saying it through you, until you are back to being YOU WITHOUT LIMITS, that’s the reason you came here and we are with you only to assist you in this journey of discovery – not to teach you anything. You’ve spent decades acquiring knowledge …it is time to emerge.